Flat Foot-In Toeing-3D Printing Orthotic Insole

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Flat Foot-In Toeing-3D Printing Orthotic Insole 


 Arch Support:      Adequate And Precise Support For Medial / Lateral / Transverse Foot Arch

 Correct Pronation:Added Lateral Forefoot Support For In Toeing

 Comfort And Breathable: High Quality Microfiber And PU Foam Cover, Soft And Skin Friendly, Breathable And Absorb Perspiration

 Technical Features:

 1. Microfiber: Soft And Skin Friendly, Breathable And Absorb Perspiration

 2. 3D Printing TPU Bottom: Foot Support And Stability.

 3. EVA Foam:  Instant Comfort Under The Whole Foot

 How To Solved The Problem Of Your Feet ?

  3D Scanning

  1. Second To Complete Quick Foot Scanning Measurement

  Data Analysis

  2.Whole-process Aata Acquisition, Intelligent Algorithm Analysis, CAD Modeling

  Custom design

  3.More Than 10 Years Of Professional Orthopedic Accurate Analysis, Personalized Custom Design

  3D Printing

  4.Measure Customization, CAD Modeling, 3D Printing Molding

   Handmade Fabric Fit

  5.Glue-Free, Non-Toxic And Tasteless, No Benzene And Other Harmful Gases

   Grinding Treatment

   6.Pure Hand Grinding, Detail Treatment

   Delivery of finished products

   7.Offline Inspection, Online Customization, Delivery In 7 Days


  Remove The Insole And Replace It With The New One.

  Washing With Soap And Brush Only

  Do Not Dry On A Radiator, For A Better Drying Use Our Shoe Dryers.

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